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F.E. Perks

F.E. Perks is a program that gives you the opportunity
to earn cents-off-per-gallon rewards on gas. Many of the
things you buy every day qualify for extra savings at the
pump. You can earn these rewards at any Family Express
store and redeem them at any Family Express pump.

How does it work?

Inside every Family Express store, a display icon marked
with cents-off perks indicates which merchandise
is a qualifying item. Look for them at the Cravin's Case,
in the refrigerated case and on the shelf. When you purchase
a qualifying item, you earn cents off gas perks that
can be redeemed at the pump.

F.E. Perks add up!

It’s easy to earn F.E.Perks. For example, if you bought 6 donuts on your way to work, you have earned six cents off per gallon on your next fill up. F.E.Perks can be earned on hundreds of items you buy every day. That adds up to significant savings on gas.

How to redeem your gas savings.

After you’ve earned cents-off-per-gallon savings on your F.E.Perks account, use your card at the pump or inside to get a lower price on gas. Just swipe your card and follow the instructions. The pump will display your earnings.

F.E.Perks is a registered trademark of FAMILY EXPRESS CORPORATION

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